Frequently Asked Questions

How am I able to benefit from the airport shuttle transfer?

For the most reliable service, you may call 0090 256 614 63 32 or visit our Office at least one day before your departure date. While you are making your reservation, your first and last name, contact number and flight details will be requested.

From where does the shuttle depart in Kusadasi?

Departure point is in Kusadasi Big Bus Station where our Office is located.

How am I able to find the shuttle in airport?

Our shuttle busses wait in CAR PARK B. ( you may find it easily provided that you use international Exit B, cross the main road,pass the bridge then turn right to CAR PARK B ) Additionally, our staff in airport gets contact with you to meet and lead you to shuttle bus following your landing time. If your phone can not been reachable when you land or a wrong contact number is given to reservation department and the airport staff can not get contact with you, the bus should leave by following its departure time.

What should I do if my flight cancelled or delayed ?

In the case of cancellation of a flight ; please inform the office in the case of cancellation of the flight within working hours. In the case of delay , airport staff gets contact with you and transfer you to the next bus . Over 90 minutes delayed, there is no necessity for Last Minute Tours to keep the bus waiting in the airport.

What is cancellation and refund policy ?

12 hours before your transfer, you may inform the office within working hours and make changement on your reservation and 24 hours before your transfer, you may cancell your reservation and refund it. If transfer is not used and its cancellation is requested less than 24 hours before the departure, it is not refunded.

Is my transfer insured ?

All our vehicles have seat personel accident and traffic insurance.